Tag Alarm trigger multiple alarm notification pipelines

Is it possible to have a single alarm notify two alarm notification pipelines? That is, when you have tags at a remote site, usually you configure the tag’s alarm Ack,Active,Clear notification pipelines to a single value such as “MainServerName/AlarmPipelineName” and let the main server handle notifications. But, what if you want the local site AND main server to handle notifications? Perhaps the connection is lost to the main server, but the remote site still has internet…how can the remote site send off notifications in case connection is lost? Note: the remote site is not running “Edge”, it is using the full Ignition with it’s own Alarm Notification module installed.

Am I overthinking this? Perhaps the main server needs to re-create it’s own tags (via derived tags or reference tags) and call out it’s own different set of alarms.

I don’t remember offhand if we actually allow this, but my first thought is a simple pipeline on the remote server that just uses a splitter block to start the two pipelines.

I’m not sure if the Jump block allows listing/calling remote pipelines. I was thinking of a pipeline on the local/remote site that performs its notification as well as the main server getting the same alarm and performing a different set of notifications. Then the local tag just needs to be configured to call its local gateways pipeline.

Paul, it seems that when configuring an alarm on a tag, it is able to show a dropdown list of all pipelines (local machine and any remote gateways connected that are sharing their pipelines). But I can’t seem to get the Jump Block to display the same dropdown list. It only wants to show local pipelines. Is this a bug? Is there a workaround such as scripting a jump functionality?

I suspect jumps across systems won’t work with the current implementation, unfortunately.

It seems like something we could add, but I’m not particularly familiar with the alarming codebase, so there may be problems I’m not aware of.

So, is there no way for 1 remote tag to trigger 2 alarm notification pipelines? 1 local and 1 remote?
Even setting up a remote real-time tag provider and creating identically named alarm notification pipelines, I still can’t get the pipeline to trigger.

Anyone have ideas?

Right now I don’t see any way to make this happen. Remote alarm notification profiles are a thing, but not remote pipelines.

The hokey way to do it would be a reference tag with the second pipeline configured, I guess.

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Oooh, that could work. Remote tag from remote provider that has a pipeline on the remote gateway. Then a reference tag on the local gateway with a local pipeline. I think it would need duplicate alarm config though…

I can see how that would work. However, all our tags are UDTs where the one tag that does the alarming gets its label and other contents from sibling and parent tags. Reference tags unfortunately can’t copy an entire UDT.

I may have just overpromised on what I thought could be possible. The remote site is a global site capturing data from many local sites (hub and spoke)…except we want the local sites to issue out alarm notification locally (customer staff) and the global site to issue alarms to our employees. We’ve got history splitters to store data locally and remotely, we use remote real-time tag provider to have access to data remotely. Alarm journals could also be configured to record in two locations (I think).

What about gateway messages? I could possibly script a message call for every alarm that goes into the pipeline. The receiving site could handle incoming and perform some type of notification. I don’t think there is a script function to call a pipeline.

Hello @drojas,
Did you figure it out ?

I’m trying to do the same thing, as I need to send some notifications from the local gateway, and others from the remote.

Is messaging the best way to do this ? I could send a message from the current alarm pipeline on the remote gateway, and handle it from the local gateway, and from there script my notifications…

Why not a second alarm on the same tag instead ? Is there a difference alarm-wise ? It would probably prevent having the same name for both alarms, but if that’s not an issue ? Or do I need them to have the same name in order to avoid having duplicate entries in the journal and alarm status tables ?

That’s what I was afraid of. What would that config be ? How do I suppress the duplicate ?

edit: I can use remote email profiles to solve my issue, but I’d still like to know how to handle duplicate alarms. This might be useful for other things…