Tag Array support, problem with the write


I created a array of memory tags ( the problem appears also with array of OPC tags) with ignition 7.8.1 ( see picture)


When I try to write on a element of the array , ignition shows an error

I need understand the correct syntax to write in a sigle element of the array using the system.tag.write() function.


thank you very much

The array tags don’t support writing currently :confused:

any projected time as to when writing will be supported?
I have the same issue:

inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … 724#p55724

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I can see in the user’s manual that it says “Individual members of Array Tags are read only, and cannot be used with bi-directional bindings.” But, I see this a couple of sentences later…

Where do I find instructions or an example of using a “non-array type” tag to write to the array addresses? I would prefer not to change programming in the PLC (A-B Compact Logix 5370) in order to interact with Ignition.

Array tags from Ignition’s drivers show up as folders with individual tags for each element underneath, and you just drag the folder full or individual tags from the OPC browser to the Tag browser and interact with them like normal. I don’t think this post is relevant to your situation.

Here is what I have found:
Brought into the tag browser as an array I cannot write to or address individual bits. All I can do is read them. Correct?

If I create a normal integer tag and append the path name with a “.(bit address)” then I am able to read and write to that specific address. Is this the best way to address or specify individual bits within an Allen Bradley DINT tag?

Yes, if you need to write to them, this is the approach to use.