Tag bad_stale when using data type Instance

Hi guys i’m having issue with my tags. When a tag is created with an UDT for some reasons they become bad_stale … but when I’m creating the tag with the OPC browser the quality is Good…you can look at the picture down below(Newtag is a test tag browsed with the OPC browser).The two tags have the same tag group and the same OPC path…

If anyone can help

Same problem after upgrade to Ignition v8. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey , I figured out that the Opc server is different in this version . It goes from Ignition OPC-UA Server to Ignition OPC UA Server without the hyphen. Try to export your tag and replace the opc server with the new one.



Thank you for the help. It appears that the opc server name was not case sensitive in Ignition 7 and is now case sensitive in Ignition 8. Some of my old tags were all lower case, others had the first letter capitalized in the OPC server name. Exported the tags, changed all my tags to lower case only, then re-imported.

That fixed the first issue, now on to the next issue.



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Hey All,

I’m experiencing a very similar issue. My OPC server names see to be identical (caps and lowercase characters are correct) but I am getting the Bad_Stale quality. I can browse these tags, and when I drag and drop them into the folder they are working fine. I have two instances of this, colour coded below. Any help would be much appreciated!

Edit: I have upgraded to 8.0.4 and experiencing the same issue, however the quality is now Uncertain_InitialValue


I would export both the working and non-working instances to a .json file and look for any subtle differences. It took a lot of close inspection to find the issue with my tags.

Thanks @leeroy. iT helped me to find what causes my problem.

Same problem! there is a solution?

Make sure that the Tag Group that the tags are using exists (listed under Basic Properties). I had a similar issue, and changing their tag groups to an existing tag group fixed the issue.

I had a similar issue. My tag has “Min Time Between Samples” of History binded to a property. I removed the binding and it fixed the issue.