Tag Binding (Can't un-bind if tag deleted)

I had a memory tag setup and it was bound to a numeric text field, I deleted the tag but the numeric text field still shows that it has “Tag Binding” how do I fix this. (It acts funny)


Stand-up comic? Improv? Slapstick? Don’t leave us in the dark here, man!

Seriously, though, when you click on the binding button for that property, what do you get? Is the “No Binding” button there in the dialog? Or it’s there and doesn’t work? Or what?

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Here’s what I noticed. I had a numeric text field bound to a Tag (Everything worked as expected).

I then deleted the Tag but left the Numeric Text field on my screen, I had it formatted for 0.00 and while in design mode it would work correctly UNTIL I closed out Ignition designer, and my gateway.

When I restarted the gateway and designed and previewed the screen that had this Numeric Text field on the formatting would be 0.##, I could reset to 0.00 and all would work unitl I closed out the designer and gateway and restarted again, it would have reset back to 0.##.

And in the tree view for the screen that showed the numeric text field you could see (to the right of the description) the bound icon for this object (But the tag had been deleted) and when I call up the property of the numeric text field I could find not place where it was telling me it was still bound.

I finally just deleted that object added a new Numeric text field and everything works again as it should.

I was just asking is there an easy way to see what object are bound to.


Bound properties are in bold and have a little ‘link’ icon by them. When you drag a tag onto a numeric text field, the Decimal Format property gets bound to the FormatString of the tag.

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