Tag Binding to Other Tag's Custom Property

Am I able to bind a custom tag property from one tag to the value of another tag? If so, how? The tag browser does not show up in the bindings window for the custom property.

When I try tag("[default]Tag1") I get the error

ClassCastException: Error trying to coerce 'tag("[default]Tag1")' to a number.

Tag1 is a boolean and so is the custom property that I’m trying to bind to

Have I missed something?

  • What’s a “custom tag property”?
  • How do you create it?
  1. Open the Tag Editor by selecting any tag.
  2. On the top tow there’s a “+” icon.
    a. Click it to add a custom tag property (define type and name)
  3. This new property populates at the bottom of the list.

I was doing this with a tag inside a UDT. I see now, when doing it with a tag outside of a UDT there is no binding icon. So, the answer is no. You cannot bind this property to another tag. The binding only exists in the context of the UDT (only bindable to UDT parameters).

Oooh! I never noticed that before. Thanks.