Tag Bowser

Found that in the tag browser, copying and pasting folders is different than previous versions. Earlier versions would duplicate the name of the folder and append a (1) after the duplicated folder. Now it just increments the duplicated folder to the next available number. Took me awhile to figure out that I created several folders before discovering this new feature. Is there a way to disable this and revert back to the earlier versions or and have some kind of indicator next to the newly created folder? It’s a good feature except if you don’t have contiguous addresses then it gets confused. Maybe it’s possible to pop the dialog box with the new name. Thoughts?

I dunno, I kind of like it the way it is. I’m not a fan of lots of pop-up boxes. Other opinions?

I can live with it . Just got to be aware of the results when copying and pasting folders especially if one set up their tag data base pre UDT’s.

By confused, do you mean that if you copy “Folder3, Folder5” you’ll end up getting “Folder4,Folder6”? Or does it do something else?

We’re always fighting to make this automatic naming more intuitive. For 7.4, it changed because we went from every system doing it differently (windows, tags, groups, group items, etc) to doing it one way. In theory though, now if we improve that one way, everything will be better :slight_smile:

Anyhow, we’d like to make this better, but avoiding a pop up would probably be good. Maybe we could make it a little stricter on what it matches for numerical incrementing, so that it falls back to the addition (ie “(1)”) a bit more often.


Yes we have approximately 150 folders (site1, site2, …). The folders are non contiguous because the site name correlates to the RTU addresses for different locations. Maybe, the newly created folders can be italicized. That way the new folders can still use the new convention, contiguous, and yet identifiable. The only thing is that you would need a way to reset the font, like how the save resets the project folders. Just a thought.