Tag broswer symbol meaing

Hi all

I’m looking through my tags in the tag browser and I came across the symbol of a circle diagonally half filled; shown as the 3rd symbol in this photo

looking though the manual here, it doesnt include this symbol. Can anyone direct me to its meaning?

using Ignition 8.1
Thank you

what version do you have?

im using version Ignition 8.1 on designer’s vision

I think it means you are overwriting a property or parameter from the parent udt.
Doesnt the tooltip appear when you hover over it?

ah yes! thats it. thank you!

Is there a way to reverse this “override” detail?

Yes if you press the green circle in the tag editor.

(in this example the green circle next to data type)
Be sure you arent losing an important custom property tho, not all overrides are bad^^

In the tag properties, you’ll see a little green dot/circle appear for the properties that have been overriden. Simply click on this dot, and it will remove the override.