Tag Browse Tree On Click

I am trying to use a tag tree on click to display the selected Path. I have the tree set to single selection only.

I am running the following script to test the output path. Nothing happens when the script runs.

I would expect there to be an error report. Look at your diagnostics console. “selectedPaths” is a list, not a dataset, so there would be no getValueAt() method.

Edit: I stand corrected.

Even when I try to output a message box or change a tag value, nothing happens.
There are no errrors in the logs.
Is there a known issue with the tag tree browser onClick?

The on click event runs when you click somewhere on the tag browser, not necessarily on an item on the tree.

I added the following script to a tag browser, selected a tag, clicked on the tag browser, and the message box showed the tag I clicked.

system.gui.messageBox(event.source.getComponent('Tag Browse Tree').selectedPaths.getValueAt(0,0),'test')

Documentation says that selectedPaths is a dataset.

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