Tag Browse Tree Root Path cannot be changed

According to the manual the root path can be set to a specific folder in the tree so not all tags are visible to the user.
Problem is no matter what is entered into that data property nothing works. I tried a simple path from All Providers to default. Entire tree displays and can be used. I added one directory at a time until I was back to the original.
[All Providers]default/Simulator/Ignition7_9CoreSimulator/Station 3

Nothing works.

I forgot to state I was looking at real time tags and set the property to real time. Still entire tree.
I set the state to Historical Tag Tree, same result, the entire tree.
This does nothing but clutter a window.
I suggest whoever writes your code creates a drop down option for tags. Much easier for the operators and designers.

can you please explain your issue in more details? I’m confused reading your post. Root path of what? tags?

I created an easy chart. Added the tag tree browser. I do not want the huge long tree of all the directories available to the operator. According to emails from IA and the manual all I need to do is enter the tag path to the directory into the property editor Root Node Path. If what was in the manual works I would not be asking questions. I put the path into the original post.
Here it is again.
[All Providers]default/Simulator/Ignition7_9CoreSimulator/Station 3

Is there another way to bind a directory or folder to the chart so the operator can choose a tag to watch? Should be a simple method. I’ve not found it though.

All you have to do is put the folder name in, in your example just typing ‘Simulator’ into the root node path will limit you to tags under the Simulator folder.
If you put something invalid in the Root Node Path it will just ignore it, which is what is happening in your case.

That is one thing I did not try. I did do other individual folders. That did not work.

That worked. Thanks.

The manual is misleading.

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this had me stumped, so I found this post and did some digging…

looks like you need a “/” at the end…

this Expression worked for me on the “Root Node Path” property, as an example:

“[DB/ignition157:default]/ignition7_9coresimulator/Station 1/”

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