Tag Browse Tree "Tag" properties reference

I am attempting to use the “filterTag” and “createPopupMenu” functions of the Tag Browse Tree and cannot figure out how to pull the tag path from the “tag” input (in filterTag) and the clickedTag input (in createPopupMenu). Is there somewhere to reference how to get these?

I saw in the user manual that to get the value the code snippet (https://docs.inductiveautomation.com:8443/display/DOC/Tag+Browse+Tree) said to do “clickedTag.value.value” but that does not make any sense why you would do the value twice, let alone how to use this to determine tag path.

Additionally, on that same page why is the “system.gui.createPopupMenu” used differently from elsewhere in the manual (shouldn’t it be two lists: 1 of names and 1 of functions, not a dictionary?)

It actually looks like an error in our docs. I’ll see what I can do to correct this.

Did you ever find a way to get the tag path of the tag object? I’m in a similar situation, where I have multiple tags with the same name, but different paths (because I have multiple instances of the same type of device), so I want to filter by path.


Any answer on the original question? I’m also looking to filter tags based on their full path, not just the name…

This is not currently possible - it’s a known issue with the modified tag object returned inside the filterTag extension. There are no workarounds at the moment.

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Ok, thanks. Using some preconfigured selections in dropdown lists I’ve figured out how to filter with the root path property. This is a decent solution for now. Just not as pretty.

Sorry for the delayed response here, but the workaround I found for this was to use the “Tree View” component instead of the “Tag Browse Tree” and build and tag browser with the “system.tag.browseTags” function.