Tag Browser Find/Replace Not Working

I'm trying to search for tags in my tag browser using Find/Replace. I have tried entering the names of several tags that I know exist. This takes a long time and then returns nothing. I know it worked in the past. Any ideas what might be going on here/how to troubleshoot?

I had the same issue the other day. Since I was on a dev server, I was able to just restart the Ignition service and it started working again, but I didn't dig into it much to be honest.

@Kevin.Herron or @PGriffith have either of you heard about this issue? It seems to be happening for me often and the only "fix" is to restart the Gateway.

See screenshot for an example:

A gateway thread dump while in this state would hopefully be useful. I'd recommend sending it in to support.

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Thank you! Will do that now!

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