Tag browser not upating all tags

Hi everyone,

Here is the context of the issue we are experiencing.

We have an ignition gateway that needs to connect to an old OPC server.

The old OPC server is running OPC DA v1.

We have installed a UA wrapper( UaGateway by unified automation) to convert from OPC DA to OPC UA so that we can create the OPC connection to ignition.

This has been working without issue for the past few months. Currently, we are reading ~50000 tags.

Recently we noticed that ~50% of the tags are read correctly and the other ~50% are showing “Bad Not Connect/Bad Stale”.

After restarting the OPC connection, 80% of the tags were updated and synced.

To resolve the last 20% of bad quality tags I used the OPC Quick Client tool on the Gateway. The Quick Client tool was able to make a successful read with Good Quality on a tag that was showing bad quality in the tag browser.

To confirm OPC Quick Client tool was reading correctly, I used a 3rd party OPC client tool to interrogate the same OPC server; this test also succeeded in reading Good Quality with the same value.

Why is the tag browser not correctly updating all tags with their correct value and quality?

Is there some setting that needs to be changed?
Would this be a polling issue?

There are many reports here on the forum of old OPC DA servers that don’t maintain subscriptions properly/reliably. The work-around is to set the relevant tag groups to polling mode instead of subscribing. It makes a lot more network traffic, unfortunately.