Tag Browser Panel Disappearing

Since the 8.0 full release when doing extensive work in the tag browser it will randomly disappear when clicking on it. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the logs. If I disable the tag browser panel and then enable it again it shows up fine and I can click on it and continue working. Most recently today it is happening after dragging over OPC tags from the OPC browser then highlighting multiple tags and setting them to read only but it has happened in other scenarios.

Hi @apgilber,

Have you come across this issue again since you reported it? If so, did you notice if it occurred when you were switching between modules?

Yes it’s happened fairly frequently. I haven’t switched much between modules at all. Mostly when doing multiple tag edits and sometimes UDT updates.

Thank you. We’re trying to see if we can narrow this down.

Will “Reset Panels” from the view menu bring it back?

@apgilber any additional information here that could help us?