Tag browser tree Component enable and disable option


Is there any option is their to enable and disable tag browser tree component?

Anyone please help me out

@PGriffith any way to do that?

Set root.path: ''.

Tag browser blanker

I have binding in root path so i couldn’t able to do that… Any other way to show its disabled?
Note- i am using tag browser tree in vision

What i tired :
I tried to place rectangle over the tree Brower and make tha transparency to 10… But still i cab able to access the tag tree browser folder

Is there any idea to do it better way?

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You can, with scripting, set referenceToTagTreeComponent.getTree().enabled = false.
That will disable interactivity, but it does not give the component any different appearance.
You could probably ‘fake’ a disabled appearance with a custom property; using scripting or the qualifiedValue expression you could return a Bad_Disabled quality (code 515) to render an overlay on the component (in addition to disabling it via scripting).

Thanks for your reply. i will do that