Tag Browser tree shows deleted folder structure

I have scenario where I am enabling history for set of tags. However when I delete unwanted tag folders (History Enabled) from tag browser it still shows these folders in Tag Browser Tree.

How can I remove these unwanted folders from Tag Browser Tree.

Please help me on this topic

We need some more information before we can help. What Ignition version is this? Are the deleted folders still present if you close and reopen the Designer?

I’m having a similar issue, where both the Tag Browse Tree in historical mode, and the system.tag.browseHistoricalTags function are pulling tags/folders that were deleted. The deleted tags were indeed being historized before they were deleted, but now no longer exist. Not only is it for tags that have been deleted, but also for tags that have been renamed. It is still showing the old naming/tag path, as well as the new.

I am using Internal Historian, Ignition Version 8.0.16.

It looks like we have a bug report open for this. I added this forum post to that bug report, to help keep track of who is affected by this.

It can be solved by deleting rows in historical table for tags which you do not want to show.

I’m using an Internal Historian, and unless I’m missing something, I don’t believe there is a way to do this.

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Do we have some update about this iam facing same problem

Any update? i am having the same problem with ignition 8.1.9.

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Having this issue with Ignition 8.1.14.Any update on this or a link to the bug report for this issue?

Having this issue as well. I went and deleted every row of historical data for these tags as well. Still show up in the tag browser tree. My next step would be to delete the tag id as well. Version is 8.1.7.


After some further digging, it appears the issue is that the tag id never got retired when the tag was deleted. Manually updating the retired time with an UPDATE query resolved it. The backend of the tag browser tree must filter by only grabbing tag IDs that have NULL as a retire date. I assume Ignition should be retiring tags automatically on an event of a tag being deleted though?

I believe technically it is any time a tag’s history is disabled, which should include deleting the tag.

There was a bug, at least in 7.9 where tag’s weren’t properly retired. I’m not sure if/when that was resolved though.