Tag change gateway script problem

I’ve discovered such problem:
I wrote simple script in gateway tag change scripts:

import system

system.tag.writeToTag("new", newValue.value)

And after tag changed I only have new value written to tag “new”, whereas next lines of script didn’t work.

How could I solve this problem?

P.S. Ignition version - 7.3.7
There are no error or other messages in console.

A little more information about what your trying to do would be helpful.

From your example, it looks like your trying to write a value to a tag, then display that value on a popup window. Is this correct? If not, please tell us exactly what your trying to do.

Not exactly.
1st I want to write value to tag.
2nd I want to print that value to console.
3rd I want just to open window without sending any parameters to it.
It’s just an empty window with only one label in it.

P.S. I tried to write

print newValue.value 

instead of

print (newValue.value) 

but it still doesn’t work.

You have to use a client script if you’re going to make project-specific modifications or calls, since the scope of the gateway contains all projects. Making a call such as opening a window can’t be done because the gateway script doesn’t know which project the script is referring to. This is something the developers have been looking into, which is to add a way to reference a specific project in a gateway script.

The print function didn’t appear in the console for a similar reason, and you should see those print results in your wrapper log.

Thanks a lot!
Moving script to client scripts helped.