Tag change script calls named query which references.... EDIT: NOTHINGBURGER

I am curious to if there are risks to the setup we have in recording finished product, as I just noticed the person before me used a named query that references a table component in the below.


  1. Boolean tag used to trigger when a product is finished (passed audit)
  2. Script gathers product details and checks if serial already exists using named query
    - serial exists named query references “{table}” component
  3. Another named query inside script writes to SQL database

With the Serial Exists named query referencing a table component, does this pose a risk to our data integrity if no clients were open running the vision project?


Neither a Tag Change Script nor a Named Query can reference a UI component directly. A script on a vision window could use a value from a UI component as a parameter in a Named Query, but that isn’t the same as what you are proposing.

What you have said is happening, can not possibly happen. Named Queries exist outside of vision windows.

I suspect that a parameter is being sent to the named query. With out seeing the Named Query definition and the script, we couldn’t hope to tell you more.


:man_facepalming: lol. Yeah, it is just a parameter.

I convinced myself he knew a way to reference a component in a named query, and was then focused on how it could even work and the risk it posed.

Again, thanks