Tag Change Script Stopped Working

I have a tag change script that was working quite well to dump time stamps into a database based on a tag value. I noticed yesterday that the script had stopped running. I’d doesn’t even seem to be throwing any errors when I check the log. Based on the data that is in the table the last time the script ran was oct. 28. Looking in the logs for that day I don’t see any smoking guns. I did notice a red error indicator at the top of the script window. When I click on it is jumps my cursor to the “def” line at the top of the window, but doesn’t give me any information about the error? I was running 8.1RC3 at the time that the script would have stopped running but I have since upgraded to 8.1.0 Any help or insights would be appreciated.

If it’s still not running and you haven’t restarted the gateway can you get a thread dump and upload it here?

here you go
Ignition-GID-HMI01_thread_dump20201118-104806.txt (108.1 KB)

I don’t see the obvious thing I was looking for in there. You should probably call support and let them look around. Maybe that script error you’re seeing in the UI is meaningful.

ok will do, Thanks

After calling support and going through the script, turn out I was missing an “=” and didn’t realized it.