Tag clash errors

We had storms roll through here yesterday that dropped our power in various parts of the facility. single-phasing, all phases dropping, coming back, then doing it again. Enough to make life interesting trying to get thing back running on the plant floor.

Ignition couldn’t cope and gave up trying to reconnect to everything, and we decided to reboot the VM. However, it took nearly 40 minutes for the status to say it was running. But, running it was, and it was past my bedtime.

Looking at the log this morning, I see a bunch of entries similar to this:

Tag clash at path '[System]Gateway/OPC/Connections/ServerName', a different tag with the same name already exists.

This error hits up every OPC connection and goes on for quite a while. What is it, and what can I do to alleviate it?

Bump. Just a little one.

I think I ever seen this kind of error but after unsucessfull tag import.
You use Ignition 8.0.?


We’ve tested 8.0.16-RC1 mainly for some tag’s issues which seems to be solved in this version.
2 main changes to be aware about tags before upgrade:

  • tags permission model
  • udt Integer parameter (come back of dataType in json format, read of these parameter return long instead of int)

I could see this happening on a tag import, but why would it come up on a gateway start?