Tag Comments from third party OPC-UA server

I am connecting to a third party OPC-UA server (actually hosted on the CoDeSys 3 PLC). In my configuration options for the OPC-UA server I have the ability to optionally include comments. I think this means that it will expose my PLC comments (on the tags) to Ignition via OPC-UA. However, when I turn it on I don’t seem to get anything, and adding new tags from the OPC-UA browser seems to not work. It would be very useful to me to be able to import my comments with the tags, as I put a lot of useful information about the tags in the comments. Has anyone gotten this working before, and if so how? Also we tried this on Ignition 8.0.x (I think it was .3).

Or does anyone know if this should even be possible?

Here is more information from CoDeSys Online help:

We don’t have this linked up right now but if it starts becoming more common it’s something we should be able to implement. The only unknown for me right now is how and when we’d update the description. I don’t know if subscribing to the Description attribute in addition to the value is a good idea or not.

IMHO, description / comments could be updated only if 1) the device disconnects and reconnects (maybe there is a way to grab values first and use “extra” polling time to get the descriptions some at a time so as not to overwhelm anything?) or 2) If the tag is reloaded in the tag provider. a possible 3) have a Boolean value for each tag or tag group that requests a refresh.

This would be really helpful. If others think so too, can you vote for my request?