Tag conversion 500 to 5000

I am currently working on a large project with all micro logix series controllers. I have been told that they will be switching all of the controllers over to compact and control logix PLC’s within the next year. When this takes place I will need to re-direct all of the tags as these two systems have totally different tag structures. Is there an easier way to do this conversion, maybe some kind of re-directing or indexing at the gateway?

You may be able to do something with PLC/SLC mappings in the C’Logix. Had something similar for an HMI once. Let me see if I can dig that stuff up.

Just had a go with one of our C’logix here at the shop. Sorry to say, I was completely unsuccessful. :cry:

Option B would involve creating aliases in the C’logix with the same names as the tags in your project. Then you can drag them into your project.

Thank you for looking into this. I have another year before I need to do anything, but I want to give the owner a heads up before this hits.