Tag cycling from good/bad quality on counter.acc

Using v7.9.12, looking at a counter tag acc value CpLX v30, the tag quality would cycle between good and bad. I didn’t have this issue on 7.9.10. I created a DINT, then moved the ACC into this new tag then had Ignition use this new tag. I don’t get the cycling anymore. I also tried using PRE instead of ACC to see if it had to do with the counter, PRE didn’t have the same issue.

Maybe a bug?

Are you already in contact with support? You could try putting the DriverVariableNode logger on TRACE, which will flood the logs but should give some indication why things are coming in bad quality. What’s the load factor on that PLC, and specifically the relevant scan class (check the driver diagnostics in the status tab)?

No, I’ll contact support. Thought this would have been an easy one to replicate. Thanks for the reply.