Tag data access from external softwares

I haven’t got clear answer for how Ignition should provide tag data for external softwares. OPC UA is just a driver, not provider for ignition tags, I guess, as written in topic Adding tags to "Ignition OPC-UA Server" thru designer
Or is there some new features for UA ignition tag publishing now?

3rd party modules, as Cirrus Link MQTT modules could be answer, but requires extra costs.

Of course http service or python tcp-listener could be used to listen connections and deliver tag data, but this requires some work to get it work efficiently.

But isn’t there standard way to read/write tags. We are trying to fit Ignition for our purposes, and normally tags can be published minimum via OPC DA/UA at least, without any extra cost.
How f.ex. Ignition graphic client for example reads/writes tags?

Thank you all in advance for support and answers : )

Ignition’s OPC UA server can optionally expose all the configured tags on the system to any 3rd party OPC UA clients.

You can find the setting in the configuration area of the gateway under the settings for the OPC UA server.

I would recommend using the WEBDEV module to expose your tag data via REST APIs. We have been exposing our tags this way for external systems.
Ultimately, I believe that the more efficient way to exchange data between corporate systems is to leverage a pub/sub environment such as MQTT.


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