Tag Diagnostic Data access

Is there a way that you can access the tag diagnostic data through scripting? Specifically the stored history count.

I’m trying to track down why my edge gateway with really slow tag history rates over 10 seconds to minutes and hours on about 5k tags isn’t getting better as I clean it up. A third of those tags are in the days levels of storage so I’m trying to track down what keeping my history filled up where I cant get more than 2 days and some change.

I could be wrong, but tag diagnostic via scripting is more about tag quality.

You should be able to query the database for that info where its stored.

And are you sure having x amount of tags is causing it? You might be deleting them when that's not even the issue.

Edge can hold up to 10 million data points. with 5K in tags I doubt your breaching even half that.

Will need to know more how your setup your tag history.

It’s not about the amount of tags but the amount of history a couple could be taking up. The historian won’t record over 2 days and 4 hours of data. When I first started this part of the commissioning to record like 20 tags twice every second. We backed it off for obvious reasons after we collected what we needed. And now I’m in this situation.

Since Edge doesn’t really give a lot of insight into it’s historian, the next best thing I can think of is to try and parse the data that’s in the Tag Editor diagnostics page.

I have 3 tag groups with the historian only taking samples if they change on two of them. The other one is forcing record every 30 seconds if there’s no change.

IIRC, Edge auto-prunes at it limits.

This is correct.

In that case I might take this up with support.