Tag diagnostics

Hello, I would like to troubleshoot my newly written schedule gateway timer script, and find out why some tags are not changed in time. How can I check write times of specific tag, and confirm that it was rewritten by script? audit_events table apparently doesn’t include tag changes, when it is performed by script. And diagnostics windows don’t seem to be useful here as well.

Are you using the system.tag.write* or system.opc.write* functions?

At the moment, I’m using writeValue, but previously used writeToTag, and I can easily switch between them

Well, when using the system.opc.writeValue, you won’t see the write show up in tag diagnostics or audit since it’s going straight to the OPC server.

This could also account for the delay you see in the values changing - with the write going directly to the server you won’t see the SQLTag change until it receives a subscription update from the OPC server, which will depend on your scan class.

Ok, how can I trace these changes, if I use writeToTags function instead? I mean following specific tag, which interests me at the moment.

Yes, the writeToTags function will go through our auditing system.