Tag editing in a text editor

Importing and Exporting Tags - Understanding Tags (inductiveuniversity.com)

At point in the video he says he cheated a little bit, and just changed the name.

What do I need to change to get the same tags from one machine to work for a different machine with similar addressing?
I think this almost works for me, but when I check my tags, they do not seem to be different.

When you say you want to use the same tags from one machine in another, does each machine have its own PLC?
Are you using a UDT for your machines, or just using standard tags?
What have you tried doing? The IU video is pretty much what it sounds like you’re trying to do.

One note: I’ve found that sometimes import errors aren’t shown and instead appear in the wrapper log. Maybe have a look here to see that there aren’t any errors being reported

I basically had a bunch of tags on machine 1 with “machine1” in the path, and tried to use notepad to text edit for “machine2”.

I got it to work.
I am not sure what happened the first go.
Had set import for abort mode. When the tags came in, they were still addressed for machine1.
so deleted that folder and imported a restore.

Tried again, and this time the tags came in with the address for machine2 as expected.

I don’t think the save took in the text editor maybe. Maybe I didn’t press hard enough or missed the save button, not sure.

I was pretty worried when it didn’t work. Hours of manual tag entry flashed before my eyes.
So I went to watch the video over again, and he is like “I did this and I cheated” and I was worried I was missing some critical step haha.