Tag editor tag icons - what do they mean?

Is there a place to lookup or otherwise find out what these icons mean? These are both UDT instances (different UDTs). One is partially gray and the other isn’t. This is consistent for all instances. I’m curious what it means.

Types of Tags - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation shows the standard tags:

Memory Tag
Expression Tag
Query Tag
Reference Tag
Derived Tag
System Client Tags, Vision Client Tags

What you’ve shown is the UDT Type Color and is set in the UDT Definition Editor.

One of yours is set to white or transparent and the other to grey (which matches the icon outline so it appears to be part of the icon itself).

I’ve used it with color to highlight different UDT types in a project and it works nicely. More here: User Defined Types - UDTs - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.

UDT colors

Demo of colored UDT instances.


Thanks @Transistor. I hadn’t noticed that option. This was on a project upgraded from 7.9.x to an early 8.0.x version and then on through various versions up to 8.1.17 now. Something must’ve been corrupted as all UDTs showed that color as their type color in the tag editor, but it wasn’t showing up on some until I reselected it in the editor and saved the UDTs. Color to differentiate will be handy.