Tag errors occurred during tag import


I am using Ignition V8.0.10, while importing a tag export, I keep getting the following error:

Any idea how to resolve this please? Thanks

Can you attach a copy of the tag export?

Hello James,

here it is

Alltags.json (735.1 KB)


You’re using a reserved property named “Path” as a custom tag property. Change this property to be something else, such as “tagPath”.

We really shouldn’t allow for custom tag properties to be created that overlap existing property names, and it looks like “Path” is still being accepted during initial configuration. We’ll review this further internally, but for the meantime, just update this property name with another.

Here’s the fixed tag export with the custom tag property updated to be named “tagPath”.

tags.json (735.3 KB)


Hello Kurt,

Thanks a lot for your help, it is working fine now.