Tag event script doesnt work

trying to implement script for Value Changed in Tag Events.
Script fails but no explanation.
Tried Print to Console, but nothing shows up.
Cannot find so called “wrapper log”

Can you post the script?
Also you can right click the tag, choose diagnostics and it will show the status and any errors.

Well I would love to post the actual script, but I can’t even copy it out of the editor.

This is in a UDT. I have dumbed it down to just try to write simple values to a couple client tags. Nothing happens.
The instance of the UDT is valid and the source value does change as I have components on a window tied to the tag.
Diagnostic Logs in gateway shows nothing related to this.
Diagnostic Console shows nothing.

You can’t write to tags in the [Client] provider from a tag event script, because tag events occur on the gateway. The [Client] provider is only available from within the scope of an individual client. You can probably use a client tag change script for the same purpose.

Thanks. I got to thinking that after posting and tried a test gateway tag instead and it does indeed write to that tag. Is this also why it won’t call a project script module? The gateway log says global name ‘Project’ is not defined. Is there any way to call the script from a gateway tag event?

Upgrade to 8.0? In 8, this isn’t a problem, because there is no special “global” project - we create an inheritable parent project that’s called global on upgrade, but it’s a perfectly normal project that you’re free to edit and delete as appropriate - and there’s a proper inheritance model for projects, so global can define resources that are usable in child and grandchild and so on.

But, being more practical, could you just move your script code into the ‘shared’ library?