Tag event Script for Backup MySql

Hi all,
I have a problem with the value changed in tag event script. I did a script in Ignition for to do backup of MySql. I need that the backup of my MySql , it must be done every days; I created the expression Tag (example TriggerMySql ) binded to the current time of my server and I every want that the value change (current time ) it must be backup of My Sql. How can I do this procedure? Is it possible?

You probably don’t want to put something like this on a tag; this seems like something that should be placed in a Gateway Timer Script.

Thanks cmallonee for your response. But How can I do with Gateway Timer Script?

I mean it’s possible…

If MySQL resides on the same box as Ignition, you could try system.util.execute to perform the mysqldump command. But if you’re trying to initiate it and get the file then move it, I don’t think that would be possible since the output of a backup isn’t returned as a dataset.

If on 2 separate servers, then you could see if a stored procedure will perform the back up (SQL Server has a way to do this, I’m unsure about MySQL). Or just create a scheduled task that calls the mysqldump command.