Tag Event Script Not Firing If Edited from Tag Editor Popup Window

I have a tag event script that will not fire if I right-click and open the Tag Editor, then change the tags value.

But if I double-click the area highlighted in pink below, and edit the tags value that way, the tag event script will run just fine.

Is this a bug or a misunderstanding on my part?

What’s the logic in your script? Are you filtering out the initialChange flag?

I’m not filtering out the initialChange flag.

log = system.util.getLogger("System Name Tag Event: ")
startLogging = True

FN,junk = tagPath.split('/',1)
SN = currentValue.value
SP = FN+'/'+SN

if (startLogging):
	log.info("SP = %s" % (SP))
tags = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath = SP,recursive = True)
tagPaths = []
for tag in tags:
	if tag.isUDT():
system.tag.editTags(tagPaths = tagPaths, parameters={'Unit':SN})

Igntion Version 7.9.9

Now that I’ve thought about this for some time, I think this behavior makes sense. When opening the tag-editor, I’m essentially “creating” the tag. I could make lots of changes that affect the underlying behavior of the tag itself. It makes sense that a tag-event wouldn’t fire in this situation because several things may have been adjusted.