Tag Event Scripts: event object properties

Hello community,
Where can I find the documentation of the properties exposed for the “event” variable that is considered in “Tag change”?

I want to be able to get the parent path for the tag which event was fired (without the tag name of the event.tagPath property). An example of what I wish to retrieve:

parentpath = event.tagPath
parentpath = parentpath[0,len(parentpath)-len(tagname)]

Any feedback is appreciated

In the manual, here. The TagPath.getParentPath() convenience method is probably what you want.

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I just noticed a flaw in the manual there. Under Gateway Tag Change Behavior, it says that such scripts cannot interact with the project. That isn’t true. They can’t interact with the project in a client, but they do run in project scope. They can (and should) call project.* scripts – something event functions directly placed on tags cannot.