Tag Event Scripts that read other members of the same UDT

I have a problem that seems to have started during 8.0.3, and I haven’t had much time to work on it. We have some tag event scripts in a UDT that read other members of the UDT using the “[.]…/…” for the path. The tag read seems to fail the first time and then succeeds the next time. One day I was able to get an error that said [.] is not a valid tag provider. I don’t see that at the moment, but maybe the script needing to be compiled causes the read to fail. The tag that is read is passed as a parameter to a shared script that is trying to concatenate it with something else which is where the error comes from.

Here is the log that includes the first time failure and then the second time success.

Hi @Walt,

Apologies for the delay - have you seen the same issue on a newer version? I believe this was fixed already in 8.0.4.

I believe this has been fixed. Thanks!

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