Tag event valueChanged Script Lost

SECS/GEM module will create tags for equipment, in these tags, there is a tag called “ConnectionStatus”, I bind a initial script on valueChanged of this tag, but sometimes this script will disappear. Why this happened?
I have known from a development ignition gateway that when Trial Mode timeout, after reactivate the server, “ConnectionStatus” tag’ scripts will disappeared. But our production ignition gateway don’t need being reactivated, why still lost the bound scripts

And when disabled the equipment, tag “ConnectionStatus”'s script also disappear next time enable this equipment.

This would be something to contact support about. I don’t see any reason a script would disappear.

When disabled the script would disappear.

Disabling the script should not make it disappear , only stop working.

The module has its own tag provider. It just sounds like a bug.

As a work-around, use a Gateway Tag Change Event (in a project) instead.

Thanks for everyone's replay, this is a bug of SECS/GEM Module because that disabling equipment will delete and recreate tag, you could use reference tag instead.