Tag Export doesn't include tags with unchanged value


I export my tag list to xml or csv but for newly created tag which its value doesn’t change there is no item in either csv or xml export file.
I should try manually change value and export again, this time the tag item appear in export file.
This inconvenient for large number of tags. How can I force ignition to export all tag item?

Never seen this before. Try hitting the refresh icon in the tag browser, then selecting the very top level “Tags” before exporting.

I forget to mention this problem is for UDT element.
Try to create a new UDT and instance it and export instance and see the file contain only instance name not even single element will include unless you try to change their value.

This is correct.

But the value you need is in the UDT definition as the default value. So if you import the instance again the value will be set to the value you set in the UDT definition, because the value was never overwritten in the instance.

On the other hand, if you overwrite the value in the instance it has to be exported to know the right value for the instance because the value is not more equal to the default one.

But if you overwrite the value once, and change back to the default value, the fact that the value is an overwritten one doesn’t change so the value will be also exported.

Hi Jasko
I export my tag so I can change OPCItemPath filed in excel and import them back.
Right are right but I want to overright this field in excel.