Tag Export / Import Problem

I’v got a project with just under 500 tags using the built in Modbus driver and on versio 7.1.3. I wanted to add some alert xitems into the tags so I exported them to a csv and done my changes and saved as another file. When I imported the tags it deleted about 100 tags out of the project.
Even when I import the file that I exported without any changes it does the same, even though the tags are clearly defined in the file.
I’ve included the Wrapper.log.
wrapper.log (569 KB)

The problem seems to be when the tags are exported the value column is filled with either TRUE or FALSE for digital tags. When the tags are imported again it needs to see a 0 or 1, it doesn’t know what to do with TRUE or FALSE.

You’re right, there’s currently a problem during import converting the boolean value. If you search/replace “true/false” with “1/0” respectively, it should import without problem.

This has been fixed for the next update.