Tag-expression error-310

hi, i am getting Error_ExpressionEval when i bind tags with bar graph…i checked the binding it is fine…i don,t know what is the exact issue…can anyone suggest some solution.

Hi @vani161998, could you provide a screenshot of your expression? It is difficult to debug without an example :slight_smile:

i binded the tags in cell update directly .

Do you see the error displayed at the bottom of the binding popup, or is the error only being displayed as part of the chart overlay?

no i didn’t see any error other than this

@vani161998, apologies just to confirm, you are only seeing the error in the overlay of the chart and not in the binding popup?

This would indicate that it is more likely that the data is in an incorrect format for the chart rather than the binding causing the issue. Although I haven’t tested this personally so I could well be wrong.

which one u are referring as binding popup?

The first image you posted with the cell update binding information. Normally if there is an error with the binding configuration there is an error shown in red at the bottom of the popup.

E.g. Dataset[x, x] > Error_ExpressionEval

no i didn’t get any error there …but in property the quality of the tag is Error_ExpressionEval

@vani161998, would you be able to post a picture of the error and where it occurs?

Sorry, I am just trying to ensure that I am interpreting the issue correctly :slight_smile:

tag error

Ahh ok, we are looking at chart component in Vision. Right the manual states

The data quality code for any Tag bindings on this component

Based on that I am guessing that the tags listed in the cell bindings have a syntax error (however, this is me just speculating)?

I would take all the cell bindings off (temporarily) to get rid of the error, then add them back one at a time to find the problem.

i did that also but still the error continues…i removed all the bindings and did that again

So, there’s still an error with all of the cell bindings removed? Then look at other bindings on the component.