Tag expression in Switch Block doesn't work

I know I’m just overlooking something, but in my alarm pipeline I have a Switch block with at ag expression:

tag(“tag path”)

pointing to a Integer tag. On the outputs of the Switch block I have the values 0 and 1 (just testing for now) both of which go to separate notification blocks. The Switch block does not seem to evaluate the tag expression. If I bypass the switch the notification block triggers, but when I put the switch block in play it does not evaluate. I have even tried using toInt and toInteger around the tag() but it still doesn’t work.

Any pointers or clues? Thanks.

What version are you using? There’s a bug with the tag() function in alarm pipelines that’s fixed in 7.9.5 (introduced in 7.9.2).

Must have missed that part. Right now I’m testing on 7.9.3, but the functionality will be being used on machines that are much earlier versions (ie: 7.8.x).

Unless, what your saying, is that the Switch doesn’t exist in those versions. Honestly I haven’t bothered to check yet!