Tag find super slow and doesn't return helpful results

I’ve only just tried to use the tag search functionality as part of the Find and Replace tool, and am quite disappointed…

I have around 30,000 tags and it took 8 minutes to return a single result, however the result didn’t even show me the tag path to it, which is what I was looking for, so I had to try to find it manually anyway.

Are there any plans to increase the efficiency of the search tool for tags, and the usefulness of the results?

Also, context and selected object searching would be a very nice addition. E.g. select a group of tags / objects on the screen and filter search results to show only results associated with selected items.

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I’ve had better luck using the “Tag Search” function, launched by the little binoculars icon in the Tag Browser.

I do wish that it could be improved with the ability to search for particular data types (of Tag Type UDT_INST), but this one still has worked well for me… Once you find the tag you want, you can click Select Tags button to have it selected for you in the Tag Browser.

Hope this helps!

Wow, that’s MUCH faster! Cheers!