Tag folder disable when decommissioning a project

I have a project to decommission, but still want to keep it in the gateway.

I can disable the project, but the tags are still active in the tag browser showing errors, because the local edge unit is disconnected.

How do I disable the tag folder containing all tags of that project under tag Browser?

for modular design, I have the tags from all projects sitting under "default" root folder.
Then I created folder for each project, with sub folder for each section of the project.

There are many tags now under the "default" folder, not sure whether it's a good programming practice.
Also what's the limit number of tags under "default" folder?

The limit is determined by your resources available. I have 600k in one system, others have millions,albeit across multiple gateways most likely.

There's no nice way to disable a folder, other than to literally disable each tag within the folder

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