Tag folders disappearing

I just started a new project with the latest version of Ignition. I created a folder and populated it with the necessary tags (both OPC and DB), however at a seemingly arbitrary point in time the folder disappeared while the parent folders remained intact. Interestingly, I was not able to create another folder. I then restarted the Ignition designer to find all the folders I had previously created.

Seems as if I posted that a bit preemptively. The tags I had created have disappeared, while the folder is still there.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me before. Hitting refresh on tag browser always seems to work to make them show up though. (I haven’t had to restart the designer.)

EDIT: Same thing = tags / folders not showing up immediately. I haven’t had tags disappear permanently before.

Very strange. Any errors in the Gateway’s logs?

Also (not to single you out because this is very common, but…) it is generally good practice to avoid using the phrase “The latest version of Ignition”. The main reason is that when someone stumbles across this post many months from now, that phrase will have lost its meaning. The second is that it never hurts to double-check.