Tag Group and Historian


I have a little confusion about Tag group and historian.
What if…
I have a tag group with below settings
and selected this group for a tag as,

But if i select the historian should i have to again give the minimum units as

Or am i missing something?

I need to two groups 1 for 1 second storing and another for 1 minute. So I have created 2 tag groups. But my confusion here is,
For a 1 minute storage tag, i have selected the 1 minute tag group and historian with default setting (1 second)

From the tag group doc:

When a Tag uses the “Tag Group” sample mode, and is set to this Tag Group, it will ignore it’s own Max Time Between Settings setting (configured directly on the Tag), but only if this Max Time Between Samples setting (on the Tag Group) is using non-default values. Defaults to 0.


So I’d assume that if the sample mode is NOT set to tag group then the tag’s configuration is used.
If you want to use a tag group as historian configuration, then you need to select tag group as its sample mode, which is not the case in your screenshot.

Are u talking about this setting?

I think so.