Tag Group Defined as UDT Parameter - Poor Performance

Hello everyone,
We recently converted all of our tags on a rather large system to use Different Tag Groups rather than having them pretty much all in the “Default” tag group or the “Leased Tags” tag group.

We wanted to limit our tags to ~20,000 OPC tags per Tag Group because of recommendations from our Communication Driver company and the experience of other users in the industry.

To accomplish this, we switched all of our UDTs to use a parameter for the Tag Group on the underlying Atomic Tags.

After we implemented this, we saw massive performance degradation. CPU and RAM looked fine, everything seemed fine, but we were getting a ton more OPC-DA errors and the screens were incredibly sluggish and scripts were timing out. We ended up loading a Gateway backup from 2 days before. (This seemed to clear everything back up)

Can anyone think of a reason that doing this would cause issues? I was wondering if having to look at those parameters on EVERY tag EVERY time the tag group ran through its process was just causing a lot of extra time and delays running through all of the tags.
Where, if you have the tag group “hard coded” into the tag, it caches it and runs much more optimized.

Curious of everyone’s thoughts.
-Rob W.

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