Tag Group Execution

Good day all, Just curious if something is wrong with the setup of this tag group I set up. Sometimes it executes like it should then there are times when it doesnt. Anything stand out?

Like what ?

To be more specific - I have this group executing a bool in an OPC UA connection that resets production values at shift times. I have noticed that some times it doesnt execute, I notice that by seeing some datas that do not reset to zero at 8am or 8pm

So sometimes, SOME data doesn't reset,and the rest does ?

The driving expression doesn't have a poll rate in the now(). I think that will improve the reliability.

Maybe the compare to "20:00" instead of 20:00:00". The latter only gives you 1 second to get a true comparison

How long does the bool stay on?

If there's no handshake from Ignition to acknowledge it before the PLC turns it off, you have a very unreliable trigger. OPC drivers are generally polling, so can miss signals that turn on then back off in between polls.

Consider using an integer or a timestamp LINT that increments/updates in the PLC when the shift changes. No reset. Then a future poll is sure to see the change.

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I will try this

I am setting up a handshake, thanks!