Tag Groups within Data Types/UDTs


I tried digging through the manual to find an answer but couldn’t hence this post. How exactly do the tag groups work within data types/UDTs? I see that one can set a tag group at the UDT level but also within that UDT a tag group can be set for each individual tag.

  • Does the tag group at the tag level override the UDT tag group setting?
  • Do tag group mismatches cause any issues?
  • How does this impact tags that use a different tag group for the Historian?


I’m just guessing.
I’ve been thinking this as preallocating, in other words, you’re pre-defining the tag group for every instance inside the UDT. However this doesn’t mean it would be the final tag group that the UDT instance must belong. For a better performance, I guess, you should set the tag group in the UDT the same as the most tag groups inside itself.
But I’m just guessing since Inductive haven’t defined it’s functionality

I am curious about this too. I want to know if I set a different tag group on a tag in a udt than I set the udt to if it will use the tag’s tag group rate instead of the udt’s tag group rate