Tag Historian Data folder & Tag Groups not populating

In what folder does ignition keep all of the tag values when you have a tag historian configured and running? I can’ t seem to find any tags in the auto created folders.

I have a tag with the tag history option enabled. I have the storage provider set to DB. I then have the tag in a historical tag group called EnvironmentalDataBT{BrassTagNum}. BrassTagNum I set from a parameter of the UDT instance.

Another weird thing is happening. I was going to post a picture of the Tag Group but just since yesterday I get the following:

I see the correct number of rows for the other tag groups which aren’t showing up. Although after closing and opening project last night the tag groups did end up populating correctly once, but then did the same thing today

I use the tag group in order to trigger the call the save the tag value to the database every minute when the machine is running.

Question 1 is where can I find these values? In what folder?
Question 2 is why aren’t all of my tag groups showing up?

Also I have a realtime and historian DB connection established and I have named them both DB. Is that a problem?