Tag-historian dependency can't be found in gateway


I’m trying to add the following dependency to my Ignition module and I can’t seem to get my module to work unless I make it a “compile” scoped dependency. When I do, my module ends up being ~100MB in size and I get Java heap space errors when loading this into the gateway.


For now, I’ve separately downloaded your tag historian module from the website and added it to my local maven cache and it seems to be working without blowing things up, but what do I need to do to make this a “provided” dependency?

Your module.xml needs to indicate that it requires the tag historian module (in whatever scopes) - if you’re using one of our module builder plugins, it should be part of the setting declaration, e.g. for gradle:
moduleDependencies = [ : ]
or for the Maven plugin, it’s the ModuleDepends[] array:

     * Scope and module id of Ignition modules this module depends on.
    private ModuleDepends[] depends;

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That’s perfect thank you @PGriffith