Tag Historian Error | Store & Forward dropping items | ORA-00942 Error

I am having difficulty with the Tag Historian with ignition. Here is a rundown of what I know & steps I have done to try & resolve the issue:

  • I can not get any standard historical information to save with Tag History

  • To walk though this issue, I made a simple Boolean memory tag to prove the point.

  • I can enable read/write mode within the designer, and toggle the Boolean from true to false a couple of times to create entries within the historian. Then dragging this Boolean point onto an easy chart causes it to crash. From the error messages on the alarms, the connection is available but it does not look like history is being stored on the selected oracle database

  • Going into the Gateway:

  •   Connections to the History Provider database shows connected. I have created new tables in this database via transaction groups as well.
  • Historical Tag Providers show “running”

  • Historical Providers show “Good”

  • When going into the details for the database there are no calls shown

  • When looking @ the Store & Forward within the status page of the gateway, there is an incredibly large amount of dropped & quarantined connections

  • When looking @ the details for the oracle database connection it shows 3 tables & a majority of the dropped count associating to SQLTagHistory Data

  • The ORA-00942 error states that the table or view does not exist. I have a meeting with the database admin this afternoon to see if the stock tag historian tables are located within my database, as they do not show from the table query browser.

  • I have rebooted my PC, server & restarted the gateway. All of which the problem persists.

  • The only other variable that has changed is that I have been given a new Login / Password credentials for the Production_DB & Development_DB. The fact that I show connected to these databases makes me think I am logged in. I can search tables via the Database Query Browser and pull information via transaction groups.

  •  Im currently running 7.9.10.  Ill be upgrading to 7.9.11 & hopefully this can recreate the tag historian tables within the database connection & resolve the issues.  

Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated to help get the tag historian up & running again.

I would suspect that your new credentials don’t have permissions to create/alter tables. It’s best if Ignition’s user within the database owns the schema.

I was able to meet with the database admin, and my username/schema credentials enable me to create/alter tables. Thanks for mentioning this & allowing me to cover it! I did find out that i only have 3 tables within this schema, ones that i recently made. None of the required tag historian tables were there.

I just upgraded from 7.9.10 to 7.9.11 & was hoping that this could initiate tag historian tables within the new schema, but no luck. I am still having the same errors that result in a “ORA-00942: table or view does not exist” in the Connections => store & forward section of the gateway status.

Is there a way to re-initiate the tag historian tables?

The required tables should be automatically created whenever any historian records are inserted; retrying the quarantined data or edit -> saving the historical tag provider should be sufficient if DB permissions are met.

i must have an error with my database configuration, except it was a copy from a previously working login/schema.

i have created a new project, new transaction group pointing to a valid data source, with a new table name & the automatically create table box checked.

If i click on the database icon next to the table name field, i can see the values populating in the new table name. When i look @ the same data source via the Database Query Browser, i can not see the new table.

ive been reading up on looking @ the wrapper logs to see if that can help, but its just littered with ORA-00942: table or view does not exist.

any more ideas?

I have some new advancements.

With some more troubleshooting & direct access to the Oracle schema, i have found some peculiar things taking place with transaction group table creation / table interaction btw Ignition & Oracle. Here is a step by step:

  • created a simple transaction group with a binary memory tag collecting information every 10 seconds to populate data.
  • created a new table name, with “automatically create table” box checked.
  • enable & save the project to initiate the transaction group
  • i can click on the quick link next to the table name population field, and view the data within the newly created table, but the table name does not show up in the listing of available tables within the selected database.
  • i can also look @ the database from an SQL browser & it shows the newly created table listed
  • Im curious if these irregularities are associated with the inability for the tag historian to initiate the required tables for data collection.

Best i can tell is i upset Ignition when i switched database schemas.

An upgrade from 7.9.10 to 7.9.11 did not improve the situation. i am going to embark on an uninstall & reinstall. Any suggestions or something im missing?

The solution has been discovered.

My Ignition Gateway & Designer was removed from its original Oracle Schema, then placed into its own new Oracle schema. When this took place, read only access was given between the 2 schemas to be able to ping information to ease with the transition.

This read only access caused the tag historian to crash. When a tag history on the new schema was initiated, it could read the tag historian tables on the other schema, but it was unable to write to them. Since it was able to read them on the other schema, it would not initiate a new instance of the table on its own new schema.

Read only access was removed, database connections in the gateway were then disabled / enabled & this refreshed the login. Now when tag historian was initiated, tag historian was able to create all the required stock tables that it needs for data archival.

Once this was completed, read only access was granted again btw the 2 schemas, disable/enable performed & the tag historian continued to perform as expected.