Tag Historian- Historical Tag Provider Setup missing options

Recently my company was asked to update a customer ignition license with Tag historian and add the tag historian module. The customer server is currently running Ignition v8.0.2. We purchased an updated license, and installed the tag historian module v3.0.2 for this Ignition version. Everything shows it is valid and activated:

However, when trying to create a new Historical Tag Provider, it appears to be missing a few options, in particular the “DB Table Historian”.

We are trying to store tags in a MySQL database. I have set this up offline on my local computer running ignition v8.1.4. and the historian populates the MySQL database correctly. We have MySQL installed on this server, and currently we are using the Alarm Journal and storing alarms in this database, so the database connection is setup correctly. What I would have expected to see when setting up the Tag Historical provider is this (screenshot taken from my local computer):

Does the tag historian v3.0.2 running on ignition v 8.0.2 not support the basic DB Table Historian setup? If it should support it, why is it not giving me this option?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pretty sure that was new for v8.1. So no, it won’t show up in any v8.0 install.

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Thank you, it took a while for the phone support folks to come to the same conclusion. So the only option is to update ignition to v8.1.x.