Tag Historian. I would like to change the name of my tag history in the MySQL DB Table from Ignition Designer

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if someone could help me with a doubt about Tag Historian. The thing is that I want, for example my “Pressure” tag that I want to save in my MySQL DB table appears with the name “Pressure” instead of a random “tagid” that in this case calls to my variable with the number “11”. What Ignitions settings should I change in order to put the name “Pressure” instead of number “11” in MySQLDB table register? I attach a print screen about the issue.

Thank you,

You can’t. But Ignition is putting what you need in the metadata table that ties “11” and “Pressure” together. Use a join to make the substitution when you run your queries.

Or just use Ignition’s built-in historian scripting functions to do these queries for you.

Or look at the SQL Bridge module for traditional storage into ordinary tables.

Ok, thank you very much. I will do a join instead. Thank you.